Death in the Garden

In the first century, the homes are not like they are today.  There was an attached room where the farm animals resided.  When a lamb was selected for sacrifice, it spent a little time with the family before that day.  I don’t know about you, but I’m quite sure my children would have been devastated at the loss of the lamb.  It would correlate today to a sacrifice of a family pet.

In light of the current discussion within the  full preterist camp, I thought it might be good to address this issue in relation to the garden.

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Woman’s roles – or Woman’s rolls

In my household I can bake rolls.  My mother taught me how and my husband, just like my dad, calls them burnt offerings.  I just say we’re very Biblical in our roles which brings me to the topic of woman’s roles and what scripture gives us for our model. 

I held a feminist theology position at one time and argued for woman’s rights to the pulpit, but I must say that when I literally searched the scriptures for myself, I could no longer support women in that role. Men and women have roles. They are different. I’ve seen much emotional argument by woman on this topic. I see scripture ripped out of context to support a view that just isn’t Biblical imho.  I’ve tried to keep this as simple as possible. 

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Theonomy – Pie in the Sky or not? – Part 3

Most theonomists – no matter the garden variety – will say that moral laws are eternal laws.  Why?  Because they reveal the Holy and moral character of God and that never goes out of style.


One of the primary considerations that gives strength to theonomy is understanding when the 10 commandments went into force.  Many, probably most, would say it was introduced on tablets of stone and is considered Mosaic Law.  But was it?  Here are examples of God executing judgment on peoples and nations long before Israel was taken to Sinai, so my position is these laws are eternal. 

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Theonomy – Pie in the sky or not? – Part 2

I tend to view covenant more as “house law” with promises made by God or sometimes both parties.  When I raised my kids, I had house laws and I affirmed that I had obligations towards them.  The kids didn’t have to agree with them and had no say so in the matter.  They could say they would obey particular laws, but that didn’t always mean they would. The law was the law and breaking the laws had consequences.  Obedience was demanded.  As parents we were the authority.  So when I look back at what I presented previously, I see God’s “house law” as the rule and he could enforce judgment when He saw fit.   He clearly stated what could happen when a law was broken.  In the case of Nineveh and their repentance, he withheld judgment.   For the second violation, judgment was rendered with no warning.  Continue reading

Theonomy – Pie in the sky or not? – Part 1

The first question that should be answered is what is theonomy.  It is plain an simple.  It means God’s law. 


No man can keep the law.  We are all guilty.  When Jesus gave the sermon on the mount, He left none of us without excuse.  We are all condemned by the law.  Rom 3:10-18 gives us a good picture of our natural state.   Our antidote is the blood of Jesus.  He redeemed us from the penalty of the law.  He is our city of refuge.  So what part does the law play for us today?  Is it abrogated or taken to a new level? 

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